Private Label

Private Label Beverages

CEBEV has more than 30 years of beverage manufacturing experience and a wealth of industry knowledge which we use to produce private label beverages for our clients. CEBEV can help you formulate a product, design the packaging, and prepare your private label beverage for distribution.

Our private label product capabilities include juices, teas, isotonics, enhanced waters, energy drinks, new age beverages, fountain and frozen carbonated beverages (FCB). Sweetener options include HFCS, Cane Sugar, Liquefied Sugar and zero-calorie options.

Our private label packaging formats include TetraPak juice boxes, aluminum cans, Bag-In-Box, single serve PET bottles, and multi serve PET bottles.

Sizes Include (various multipack combinations):

  • 125ml – 4.23 oz Aseptic
  • 200ml – 6.75 oz Aseptic
  • 237ml – 8 oz Aseptic
  • 1 Liter / 32 oz Aseptic
  • 8, 12, 16, 24 oz Cans
  • 12,16, 20,32, 64 oz PET
  • 2.5 to 5 gallon bag box

Whether we produce in our own facilities or one of our long-term trusted partners, we have a long history of utilizing quality production sources best suited to meet your specific product and packaging requirements.

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