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Easy Ways to Keep Your Kids Active During the Summer

When school's out for summer, those first few weeks can be filled with celebration and activity. But then – the heat ramps up, the novelty wears off, and soon kids are languishing in boredom and not getting the exercise they need to stay healthy. With a little creativity, you will be surprised by all the ways you and your family can be physically active on a regular basis. Here are some ideas that you can try.

Easy Ways to Keep Your Kids Active During the Summer

Focus on fun

Take a mundane activity and make it a game or set a goal to get your kids excited and engaged. For example, while taking a walk, you can count the number of different birds you see or have a short race to the nearest stop sign. If you're doing chores indoors, put on some music and allot a certain number of songs to complete each task, or stop every now and then to take a dance break!

Think off-field

Not all kids are drawn to organized sports like football or baseball. Consider other activities your child might enjoy like dancing, swimming, or martial arts. If they are moving around or learning new skills - that's healthy activity!

Make it a family affair

It's much easier to get kids to participate when the entire family does something together. Not only is everyone being healthy, but physical activity together can also be great bonding time.

Stay hydrated

With all that activity, don’t forget that adequate hydration will keep help keep your body healthy. If you need to increase your fluid intake, try one of our many flavors of Fruit Wave H2O.


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