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More than half of the average adult's weight is actually water. A lot of this "body water" serves as a basic structural component. For example, blood, plasma, fat, and muscle are all partially made of water - but that's not the only way the body uses water. Water is also critical for helping the body maintain its temperature, remove waste, lubricate joints, and keep muscles and organs working in perfect order. This is why adequate hydration is an important part of everyday health.

You may have heard different recommendations for daily water intake, generally six to eight 8oz. glasses of water per day. If that sounds challenging, don't fret. Water from the foods you eat, like fruits and vegetables, contributes toward your daily recommended intake. However, some food and drink choices are better than others at helping you stay consistently hydrated. For example, alcoholic and caffeinated beverages are diuretic, meaning they increase the rate your body excretes water, contributing to dehydration.

Fruit juices or sugary drinks, such as soda, can also have adverse effects on hydration for some people. The body converts the carbohydrates from these beverages into glycogen stores for energy use. Water is a structural component of glycogen molecules - according to the American Council on Exercise, every gram of glycogen contains about 2.7 grams of water. Rather than helping rehydrate you, a lot of the water is instead used to create glycogen.

For folks who don’t like the flavor of water (or lack thereof) it can be tough to maintain healthy hydration levels. That’s one of the reasons why so many customers love our line of Fruit Wave H2O beverages, which deliver the flavor of juice with a fraction of the sugar and calories. The zero-calorie flavors of Fruit Wave H2O are even better for hydration – and they taste great too!

Remember: water is life, and adequate hydration will keep help keep your body healthy. If you need to increase your fluid intake, try one of our many flavors of Fruit Wave H2O.

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