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Little Changes for a More Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle

There are many little changes you can make to your everyday life that can contribute to a healthier, greener earth. Plus, many things you can do to “go green” have added benefits – like helping you save money or promoting your health. Check out the suggestions below and see how many changes you can make to contribute to a “Better You. Better World.”

Use energy efficient light bulbs: It won’t be worth the waste to replace all the bulbs in your home at once, but as they burn out, replace them with LED bulbs to lower your energy consumption. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll save on your electric bill too!

Tune up your vehicle: When your car is running at its peak performance, it will produce fewer emissions. A tune up will also make your car safer to drive and may increase overall MPG.

Use washable tableware at work: Styrofoam coffee cups and plastic utensils will create a lot of waste over time. Switch to washable mugs and utensils from home to limit this waste creation.

Recycle more: There are so many ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. If your office doesn’t have one, start a recycling program or organize a collection. At home, think about everything you throw away on a daily basis and whether it can be recycled or repurposed. Decreasing your waste and increasing your recycling can be the most impactful change you make overall.

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