JB's Iced Tea

The Perfect Addition to Your A-la-carte Menu

Clean Label, all natural, 60 calories and no artificial ingredients.  A refreshing iced tea lightly sweetened with cane sugar & stevia.  Comes in convenient, re-sealable, recyclable plastic 12oz bottles.   Kids, parents and nutritionists welcome this great tasting, new beverage to their a-la-carte menu.

Three Delicious Flavors include:

JB’s Not Too Sweet Tea is a smooth, refreshing tea that is sweetened with just American Cane Sugar.  This tea has a great flavor with a lite balance of sweetness, NOT TOO SWEET. We are proud to say that the ingredients statement has just four ingredients.

JB’s Lemon Tea is a crisp clean perfect blend of tea, lemon, American Cane Sugar and Stevia (all natural sugar substitute). The balanced flavors of sweet and tart will be enjoyed by lemon tea drinkers or anyone looking for a cold refreshing treat. Once again, we kept the ingredient statement small and clean.

JB’s Peach Mango Tea is a clean taste paired with exotic fruit flavors and sweetened with American Cane Sugar and Stevia (all natural sugar substitute). We achieved this one of a kind flavor with just a handful of natural ingredients.